Follow focus with hard stops-15mm


The FF-T03 follow focus from Tilta gives operators expert control when pulling focus through both its design and included accessories.

The hand wheel has two independent dials installed with hard-stop screws. When loosened, these dials can be rotated to mark hard stops for the lens or a specific pull. Once set, simply tighten the screws again and the dials will lock into place. On the lens side of the hand wheel is a tension screw that, when tightened, increases resistance on the hand wheel, giving the user extra control over the smoothness of their pulls. Finally, the entire wheel and gear assembly can be shifted along a track to align perfectly with the chosen lens, making it suitable for lenses of all sizes. This track sits atop a 15mm rod mount, with the rod lock on the side and easily accessible.

The FF-T03 comes with a wide variety of accessories for operation and lens compatibility. To assure the follow focus can work with the widest variety of lenses possible, the kit includes 3 differently pitched gears that can easily be swapped as needed. If a gearless lens is used, one of the 5 included lens zip gears can be installed. These gears are reusable and simple to attach and detach. If the hand wheel is hard to reach, the included hand crank can be inserted into the side of the wheel and used instead, and if the wheel is completely out of reach the included 12” whip can be used in the same manner.

Built of precision machined anodized aluminum, this sturdy accessory is a welcome addition to gear kits for both amateurs and professionals, and the one-year warranty guarantees that if something does wear out before its time you will be taken care of.

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Follow focus with hard stops-15mm