4*4 carbon fiber matte box


The MB-T03 is a lightweight, carbon fiber matte box from Tilta designed for 4×4 cinema filters, like those from NiSi.There is one rotating filter holder for positioning a graduated or polarized filter, and one static tray for standard filters.

This matte box can support lenses with a diameter from 72-100mm. Specifically, the default lens size is 100mm, but there are adapters for 72, 80, and 90mm lenses, and an elastic fabric ring (a nun’s knickers) to eliminate light leakage if your lens doesn’t fit one of the adapters exactly.

The MB-T03 mounts to 15mm rails and can be vertically adjusted to match your lens height. The body can swing away from the camera to allow for easy filter swaps and adjustment, and there are three mounts for the included French flags: a top-mount and two side mounts.

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4*4 carbon fiber matte box